Introducing the Road Pricing project

54% of Londoners support per-mile road pricing. This project finds, records and shares their voices.

London is always at the forefront of doing things differently. From the now widespread availability of bubble tea to the introduction of the first congestion charge in 2003. But traffic in London, with the resulting congestion and pollution, is a problem that isn’t going away without some more help.

54% of Londoners support per-mile road pricing. Support is higher among drivers than non-drivers.

Source: Pay-as-you-drive: The British public’s views on vehicle taxation reform

In 2022, research revealed that a majority of people in London support replacing the current system of vehicle taxation and tolls. Per-mile road pricing is supported by the majority of respondents as a potential replacement. Interestingly, the policy is more popular with drivers than non-drivers.

These intriguing results sparked questions about who were the voices of Londoners behind the statistics? Since road pricing could work in a number of ways, what were some of the benefits that chimed with people? What were some of the concerns?

The Road Pricing project was devised to find, record and share the views of Londoners about road pricing. You can visit the site now to add your voice.

The project is open to any London resident to make a submission, but before the project is completed we’ll make sure we have collected enough voices to represent the full diversity of Londoners. You can help us do that by sharing the project with your networks.

The submission form asks for a picture or video. This can by anything you like. It could be a nice selfie, a short clip about how road pricing could improve your neighbourhood or journey, a photo of what you’d like to see more or less of on your street as a result of road pricing or something creative.

If per-mile road pricing is new to you and you’d like to learn more, a number of reports are available.

Why only London?

Since Greater London is the only city to be seriously looking at developing a road pricing policy at the moment, it made sense to focus the project on London.

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